Just a long-time Classic Doctor Who fan breaking down and talking about the long running British science-fiction masterpiece.

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Episode 19 | Season One FINALE

I'm joined by guest host Collin Legault to go through a Tier Ranking of the stories we covered this season! Not only that, but I briefly go through a small retrospecti...

Episode 18 | Survival

The Doctor brings Ace home to Perivale, where her friends have been transported to the (nameless) planet of the Cheetah People.

Episode 17 | Time and the Rani

The renegade Time Lady, the Rani (Kate O'Mara) brings the greatest geniuses from time and space to her laboratory on the planet Lakertya so she can use their minds to ...

Episode 16 | The Ultimate Foe

In the 6th Doctor's final story, charged with genocide by the treacherous Valeyard at his trial, the Doctor receives help from an unlikely source to turn the tide of t...

Episode 15 | The Twin Dilemma

Voted the WORST story of Doctor Who ever, the alien Gastropod Mestor plots to explode the sun of the planet Jaconda to scatter his eggs throughout the universe to conq...

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